Vista stinks to high heavens

It can't be said enough.  Microsoft Vista is an abysmal failure.  It went for glitz at the expense of performance, and while it does provide some additional security, the performance trade-off was horrible.

It's a huge resource hog.  Oh, it did some things right, such as foisting some of the Aero graphics processing off onto the graphics card.  On the whole though, it's a horrible piece of bloatware.  Ugh.

Windows 95 was clumsy and annoying.  Windows 98 was a bit better, and Windows ME was a horrible piece of junk.  XP was no work of art, but it was at least usable. Vista, on the other hand, is a piece of garbage.

Yeah, I know it's been fashionable to bash Vista.  That happens for a reason, though.  It's because Vista stinks.


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