For some reason, I find myself thinking about Jeric.  Jeric is this guy who went to high school with me, and who wound up attending my colleague as well.  He was a smart guy, but he wasn't strongly motivated, and he was also notorious for cheating a lot in his studies.

I remember an encounter with him during our freshman year.  It was late in the second semester, and our term papers were due in about six weeks.  He saw me walking along the corridors and asked, "So, where is the library?"

Good grief.  Nearly an entire school year had passed, and he had no idea where the library was?  What a slacker.

There were times in high school when he would score the highest in an exam.  Nobody would cheer for him, though. They all knew that he only scored well because of massive cheating and taking advantage of test question leakage.

Supposedly, he's now the owner of some software company.  I  don't think that I'd ever do business with him, though.  I just wouldn't trust him to be honest or to do a good job.


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