Remembering Chantel Dubay

Do you remember Chantel?  She served as one of Barker's Beauties from 1996 to 1999 on The Price is Right.  She had a comparatively short tenure compared to longstanding mainstays such as Holly, Janice, and Dian, but she was absolutely memorable.

And I thought she was great. Dian Parkinson was overrated, and she played up her sensuality a bit too much for my taste.  Janice Pennington was attractive, but never really interested me much.  Holly Hallstrom was my favorite of the classics, due to her sparkling smile, gorgeous red hair, and wholesome appeal.  Chantel was a different sort altogether, but I would rank her right up there with Holly among the best TPiR models of all time.

Too bad she decided to leave.  She was a rarity--a genuine beauty with a stunning smile and feminine charms. She had sex appeal, but I never felt that she played that up excessively.  I was really disappointed when she left the show. 

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